Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's Only Been 14 Days, 336 Hours

I imagine some people may think my decision to become a Vegan, at the age of fifty-two, is extreme.  For me it seems to be my only dietary choice.  After fourteen days of following a Vegan Diet, my morning glucose results have dropped by twenty-nine points!  I know it's only an average and that my hemoglobin A1c level is the most important test result, but seeing my daily number drop is awesome!  So, why is it that our lives revolve around numbers so much?  Some numbers never seem to be high enough, like our income. Some numbers, like our weight, blood pressure, cholesterol or the cost of our daily purchases never seem to be low enough.  Here's what I do know.  After fourteen days of being Vegan, I have steps I need to follow to stay healthy.  I need to keep my blood glucose under control, stabilize my cholesterol and blood pressure.  Maybe in another fifty-two years numbers won't mean as much to me as they do now and maybe they will, but unless I make some changes now, I won't be her another fifty-two years to find out.

All Good Wishes, Ted

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